True case-sensitive filenames

Earnie Boyd
Tue Jan 21 19:22:00 GMT 2003

Gerald S. Williams wrote:
> Earnie Boyd wrote:
>>The argument has nothing to do with Windows vs Unix.
> I told you I'm not taking sides. Adding support for
> POSIX-compatible naming simply makes porting of Unix
> applications easier.

Easier != portable.  My arugment is for portability and regardless of 
how much hand standing you do in Cygwin it's still not portable.

> Consider that a change like this requires retesting on
> every platform, some of which may not be available to
> the maintainer. If the code has remained unchanged for
> ages and runs on a myriad of Unices, requesting this
> type of change for portability's sake can be quite a
> hard sell. And bringing those types of applications to
> Windows is something that Cygwin does extremely well.

Oh, I know that selling the idea of portability is tough.  However, 
changing a file name isn't changing functionality.

BTW, versions of cygwin before B18 did support some idea of this topic 
that was removed.  Although it's implementation wasn't using NTFS 
functionality.  Obviously, then it caused more problems than it was 
worth spending time on.


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