sounding out long file path support

Robert Collins
Thu Nov 13 20:41:00 GMT 2003

	sounding you out about a series of patches from Ron Parker (and
probably myself too) to give cygwin longer path support on NT
platforms... Ron did email about this a while back, but no conversation
ensued, so I'm reopening it to prevent any waste of time..

Where supported by the OS, use W variant file calls, combined with \\?\
prefixed paths to allow access to (obscenely) long paths. This will
allow some unix software that often passes the 280 character length to

basic approach:
- extend the PATH_MAX macro(s) to an arbitrary number - say 4K which is
what linux uses.
- Wrap all the file IO calls in cygwin in cygwin internal thunks, that
will examine the host and use the current A series call, or the W series
call if available. 
- if a > 280 character path is handed to one of the thunks, and W calls
are not available, return an appropriate error.

Ron is generating small one-concept patches for this, for me to review.
I thought I'd get and architectural issues out of the way now, to save
Ron and I time if there are issues...


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