path_conv and static sized buffers

Robert Collins
Sun Nov 23 03:53:00 GMT 2003

Ok, I've been poking around in path_conv and related stuff.

Getting rid of the large in-object arrays does work around the bug in
gcc - but I don't know if I'd catch them all manually - I still have a
bust .dll when I bump the internal path size up.

What I'd like to do is alter the path conversion functions to allocate a
a new buffer when appropriate, rather than take a fixed size buffer as
parameter. I've written a trivial string memory management class as part
of my testing here, which I'd use to manage this.

At the moment, all the path conversion calls assume the same fixed
buffer size, throughout cygwin. Having functions that decide on the
length of data needed allocate an appropriate buffer would do two
*) Allow incremental conversion - which would give rise to a stream of
small patches, rather than a huge non decomposable patch.
*) reduce stack pressure.


Unfortunately, I don't know what issues are gcc caused, and what are
unrelated at this point :[.


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