HEADSUP: cygserver now has MSG, SEM and SHM support

Nicholas Wourms nwourms@netscape.net
Sat Nov 29 16:21:00 GMT 2003

vinschen@redhat.com wrote:
> Hi,
> a headsup which affects a few packages and, of course, the developers
> of Cygwin.  Last week I have applied a pretty big patch, which turns
> Cygserver upside down.  It now contains basically the FreeBSD kernel
> implementation of System V (or, in X/Open / SUSv3 speak) XSI IPC support.
> This means, not too far from now, we can drop the cygipc package and
> packages like postgresql can switch to using Cygserver.

First, let me say again: many thanks and kudos for your hard work, I'm 
sure it wasn't easy.  However, now that I've had a chance to play around 
with it, I have some comments and *minor* nits.  Please do not interpret 
them as being ungrateful, I merely wish to provide some constructive 

If this is to replace cygipc, I think it important to be as compatible 
as possible.  This package has been around awhile, even more so before 
it was distributed as part of the core setup.  Thus, many external 
sources have been modified to accommodate cygipc, in the case that such 
services were required.  In this respect, I think compatibility should 
trump strict adherence to the SuSv3.  Perhaps the right approach to 
dealing with nonstandard stuff in the headers would be to use 
_POSIX_C_SOURCE #if's, i.e.:
#if _POSIX_C_SOURCE < 200112L
non-standard code...
Also, I noticed that there are some structures which have gone missing 
in the new sys/msg.h.  The msgbuf structure, in particular, has not 
resurfaced, even though it is used by BSD and GNU.  IIRC, I believe 
FreeBSD defines this in a different header.  Now I realize standards are 
*good*, but perhaps we could relax the strictness to provide greater 


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