cygserver blocking on semctl(SETVAL)

Ethan Tira-Thompson
Fri Aug 25 14:56:00 GMT 2006

> This is *NOT* the mailing list for bug reports as should have been  
> clear
> from

That page indicates this is the place for discussing code issues of  
cygwin itself, notably things in the "winsup" directory (and this is  
not a problem in a 3rd party library):
> list for discussing the internals of the Cygwin DLL and all  
> components of the "winsup" directory [...] Note that this is not a  
> place to send bug reports or questions about utilities like ssh,  
> cron, etc. Please use the main cygwin list for these types of  
> questions.

It's your party, I'm happy to repost on the other list, but you might  
want to change that to read "This is not a place to send bug reports.  

Anyway, look for the repost there if you have any ideas, I hope the  
entire main cygwin list is looking forward to hearing about coding  
internals of cygserver.


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