WININET not on NT4?

Dave Korn
Fri Jan 13 17:21:00 GMT 2006

Brian Dessent wrote:
> Brian Dessent wrote:
>> Hrm, that sucks.  MSDN seemed pretty clear that it should be there on
>> everything back to 95/NT4.
> I was just playing around with NT4 under VMware and it seems the out of
> the box it lacks wininet.dll but it is present after I chose to install
> "Internet Explorer 3.01" from the list of optional components.  After
> doing that cygcheck -p works successfully.  I guess that makes sense.
> I can still look into doing autoload for cygcheck but I'm not sure how
> that would work exactly since it's not just a simple "is this NT4,
> y/n".  It could explicitly do loadlibrary("wininet.dll") and then just
> bail with a "Your system doesn't support this" message though.
> Brian

  Even better, how about bailing with a "Your system doesn't support this
functionality yet, please install Internet Explorer from Settings:Control
Panel:Add or Remove Software:Add/Remove Windows Components to enable it."
message (give or take a bit of difference in the wording of the start menu and
control panel entries between NT4 and XP)?

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