[RFC] Fix expect leaky pipes

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Sun May 28 23:39:00 GMT 2006

Dave Korn wrote:

>   I've been looking at the problem with expect leaking pipe handles and
> running dog-slow as its handle table fills up (or on my old w2k box, causing
> a complete kernel lock-up), and I *think* I've got it.  After adding a whole

I don't know much about the problem, other than I've experienced it
myself too.  I was however able to reduce down the gcc testsuite a great
deal into a self-contained testcase that executes one test over and
over, so I thought I would include it here in case anyone else wants to
play with this.

Extract the attached file and then run "runtest -a --tool gcc" in the
handle_leak directory.  It will run a simple compile test over and
over.  Watch the handle count of the expect process (using e.g. process
explorer) balloon without limit.

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