New rename(2) function

Christian Franke
Fri Aug 10 21:34:00 GMT 2007

Eric Blake wrote:
> [adding coreutils, since this may be an upstream problem; this stems from
> an attempt to make cygwin's rename(2) more POSIX-compliant]
> According to Christian Franke on 8/10/2007 2:37 PM:
> ...
>> But be aware: If there are hard links, things get really worse:
>> $ touch Foo
>> $ ln Foo Fool
>> $ mv -v Foo foo
>> removed `Foo'
> Ouch.  Coreutils decided that since Foo and foo represent the same file
> (and on a case-insensitive system, they do), and since Foo has more than
> one link, that it was safe to unlink Foo because the data would be left in
> foo.  But how is coreutils supposed to know when a file system is
> case-insensitive, such that unlinking Foo is the wrong action?  In other
> words, how do you distinguish between two spellings of the same directory
> entry, which is a different matter than two directory entries to the same
> inode?

This is probably impossible in the general case, when only POSIX 
compliant OS functions can be used.

For Cygwin, the attached patch for same_name() fixes the above problem. 
Should also work on managed mounts.

But it may break other things, I don't know.


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