New rename(2) function

Corinna Vinschen
Sat Aug 11 11:11:00 GMT 2007

On Aug 10 15:02, Eric Blake wrote:
> [adding coreutils, since this may be an upstream problem; this stems from
   Looks like you missed that.

> an attempt to make cygwin's rename(2) more POSIX-compliant]
> > On -T, it treats the dest dir as a file and checks (1 < #links) which is
> > always true for a directory. The same_name() function is case sensitive.
> [Aside: 1 < #links is not always true for directories on all file systems,
> but happens to be true for POSIX-compliant file systems as well as on NTFS]

That's not quite right.  The hardlink count for directories on NTFS
(and, FWIW, FAT and FAT32) is always 1.  Only Cygwin's stat call returns
a non-1 value because it counts the hardlinks to a directory

Eric, can we also discuss,


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