New rename(2) function

Christian Franke
Sat Aug 11 12:17:00 GMT 2007

Eric Blake wrote:
> According to Christian Franke on 8/10/2007 3:34 PM:
>>> ...
>> This is probably impossible in the general case, when only POSIX
>> compliant OS functions can be used.
>> For Cygwin, the attached patch for same_name() fixes the above problem.
>> Should also work on managed mounts.
> But your suggested patch breaks in the face of hard links with different
> names; you would need to do the case-insensitive comparison, then if that
> fails, fall back on stat()-based comparison, before making the final decision.

Could you please give a brief example for hard links which make the new 
"same_name()" fail.

Comparing the full windows pathnames does actually not work if a 
directory appears below multiple (Windows-)mount points, e.g. when 
"subst" is used. But this IMO does not matter, because using subst 
breaks other things too.


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