Deprecating ntea

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Feb 27 14:30:00 GMT 2007

On Feb 27 09:03, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Off the top of my head things I'd like to fix would be:
> signal mask
> termios structure

Wouldn't that be easily coverable by using the usual method of
recognizing the application build?  I did that for the new struct ifreq
lately, for instance.  Or, as in case of the 32->64 bit transition, what
about creating new entry points for new applications (sigaction vs.

> environ passing
> user_data passing from program to cygwin

These two I don't quite understand.  Wouldn't the method be just a
change under the hood, invisible to the applications?

> I'm sure there are more...

AOL.  struct statvfs would better use 64 bit datatypes for the
block counts, too.  Only the fact that 32 bit block counts cover
as much as 32 767 Gigs kept me from changing it so far...


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