API compatibility documentation change

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Tue Jun 5 10:16:00 GMT 2007


the three documents cygwin/ansi.sgml, cygwin/misc-std.sgml and
cygwin/posix.sgml were hopelessly outdated, since nobody cared for a long
time.  So, what I did now is to give the API compatibility list a new
layout.  The ansi.sgml and misc.sgml files have been removed,
everything's in posix.sgml now.

The new layout only mentions the variables and functions in relation to
the standards they conform to, and for every standard the APIs are
listed in alphabetical order.  Every section is related to another
standard.  The section are ordered like this:

- First, because it's most important, the list of APIs conforming to
  SUSv3 aka POSIX.1-2001.

- BSD compatible interfaces.

- GNU extensions.

- Solaris and SunOS extensions.

- Deprecated functions or non-standard functions from other UNIX systems.

- SUSv3 functions not implemented in Cygwin.

- Implementation notes.  This was available in the old docs already,
  but it was at least as outdated as the rest of the stuff.

Cygwin specific functions are not mentioned here for obvious reasons.

I would like to keep this document in a more or less good shape in
future.  This means, every new exported function or variable, which is
in any standard, should go to this document, too, and the appropriate
change to posix.sgml should be part of the patch.

As soon as SUSv4 is out (whenever this will happen), this document
should be reworked to list SUSv4 instead of SUSv3.  I'm pretty sure this
won't be such a lot of work anymore.

Please, have a look into the new posix.sgml and give some feedback.  If
you have patches, even better.  Additional implementation notes would be
double plus good.


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