FYI: cygcheck dodgy app detection.

Dave Korn
Sun May 20 22:37:00 GMT 2007

  FYI and just in case anyone was wondering, I'm still planning on adding
support for TBLODA detection in cygcheck.

  Spare time is short, but I had a few hours available this weekend so I got
started on it.  Attached is a sneak preview, in case anyone wants to suggest a
different way of doing things, point out any hiccups that will be easier to
take care of sooner rather than later, or suggest missing features (the
current most obvious one to my way of thinking would be for it to be able to
download an updated BLODA from the cygwin website).

  I think the outline of what I'm doing is fairly transparent.  The 'details'
fields of the sBadAppInfo structs in big_list_of_dodgy_apps[] are fairly
sketchy at present; I was thinking of extending them with some URLs to
mailinglist threads where the apps have been shown to be causing problems.

  Comments welcome.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....
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