cygwin-developers Digest 3 Dec 2008 23:19:40 -0000 Issue 1234
Thu Dec 4 11:16:00 GMT 2008

>> "There's a convenient convention to type SIDs, [in which the seven (or
>> eight) fields are represented numerically separated by hyphen characters.]"
> The number of fields is not always seven or eight.  I wrote now "There's
> a convenient convention to type SIDs, as a string of numerical fields
> separated by hyphen characters." Does that sound ok?


>> (by naming these elements "fields", you can then use the term when
>> describing each field. For instance:)
>> [...]
>> "The next three numbers, all 32 bit values, are the unique..." --> "The
>> next three numbers, fields five, six, and seven, are all 32 bit values,
>> and contain the unique..."
> I followed the idea, but I used a bit different wording.  Would you mind
> to have another look?

Yes. What you have looks good.

>> Section: "Switching the user context"
>> Add filler here, something like "Windows users have long been accustomed
>> Windows doesn't support the concept of these calls in a simple fashion..."
> I think that's a bit off from the point.  What about the "Run as..."
> feature available in the context menu since Windows 2000?  That's much
> more similar to what this chapter is trying to describe.  I understand
> that this filler is for people who don't know much about this stuff.  So
> I start as above but then add something about "Run as..." and generally
> revamped the introductory text.  If you don't mind to have another look...

Sure, the new version seems good to me.

> Thank you for your thorough reading and the suggestions!

Glad to help.


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