Updated: 1.7.0-34 (...and a plea)

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Tue Dec 9 14:47:00 GMT 2008

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> Uh, I just remembered something I forgot so far.  We don't even need two
> setup.exe versions.  Setup-1.7 decides which setup ini file to use
> dependent on the Windows version.  NTs get setup-2.ini, 9Xes get
> setup.ini.  It even changes its layout a bit.  For instance, for 9Xes
> you still get the choice of text/bin mounts, for NTs you don't.  So we
> really only need a single setup.exe in future, AFAICS :)

Right, and since the 'release/' part is all in the .ini file anyway
setup.exe doesn't actually need to be changed at all to do the
switchover, it can be controlled entirely on sourceware just by telling
upset which release dir goes with which ini file.

Here's my question: Do we really need to inflict this 8.7GB of churn[1]
on every mirror just for what seems to me to be a cosmetic reason for
wanting the directory name to be "release/"?  Can't we just say that
release-2/ is now what the dir is called and move on?  In other words,
the switchover procedure would be "mv setup-1.7.exe setup.exe".

Users who continue to use an old setup.exe would still get the 1.5
distro until they redownload it, but that's okay because you need the
new setup.exe to cope with 1.7 changes anyway so that's a feature not a
bug.  Users who do redownload setup.exe will get the right one
predicated on whether they're running NT or not.


[briand@sourceware ~/ftp]$ du -hs release release-2
5.2G    release
3.5G    release-2

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