Console codepage setting via chcp?

Charles Wilson
Sat Sep 26 17:29:00 GMT 2009

Andy Koppe wrote:
> I suspect the interop between non-UTF8 Cygwin and native Windows is
> more likely to draw complaints. In particular, rxvt users would be out
> of luck in that respect, since UTF8 isn't going to be an option there.

I don't see this as TOO much of a problem:

1) use rxvt-unicode (X) [*]
2) use mintty (non-X)

[*] I fully expect some churn here, wrt recompiling against wide
ncurses, updating to upstream 9.x (we're at 7.x), removing Thomas
Wolff's pseudo-UTF-8 support in favor of the actual UTF-8 support in
cygwin-1.7, etc, etc.

upstream rxvt is abandonware, and it's only minimally maintained
"downstream" by the distros.  Its ancient heritage and deficiencies
should not be a factor as we (err..."you all") design the modern
cygwin-1.7 NLS UI.

> I vote for the proposal here, with added fence-sitting in the form of
> a CYGWIN option called 'filename_charset' (or some such) taking
> precedence over LC_ALL/LC_CTYPE/LANG.

I'm thinking this would fall under:
> - "Will be fixed in 1.7.x"


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