console vs ^X

Thomas Wolff
Wed Sep 30 10:03:00 GMT 2009

ext Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Sep 29 19:51, Thomas Wolff wrote:
>> I would ignore and beep, i.e. let the terminal beep but don't insert  
>> anything, so there's no beep that could be copied.
>> I think that's what most other terminals do, can check tomorrow.
> I went this route for now.  It's not at all tricky to change that if
> it turns out to be too cumbersome.
Fine, thanks. Yet, since I announced it, my survey:

    * xterm, gnome-terminal, rxvt just ignore (no beep, but I think the
      beep is useful)
    * mintty and konsole insert a '?' (which is not convincing, I think)
    * Linux console: don't know


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