default shell for unknown users

Andy Koppe
Mon Jun 7 05:57:00 GMT 2010

The pwdgrp::read_passwd function in automatically generates
an entry in the passwd cache when the current user doesn't have a
/etc/passwd entry. That entry has /bin/sh as its default shell.

Could this be changed to /bin/bash, for consistency with setup.exe,
which uses /bin/bash when creating passwd entries for local users, and
cygwin.bat, which directly invokes /bin/bash?

The reason I'm asking is that a user without a passwd entry who
invokes cygwin.bat gets /bin/bash with the full prompt and so on,
whereas invoking 'mintty -' (or 'rxvt -ls' or similar) yields /bin/sh
with just the dollar as a prompt and various sh compatibility


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