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Thu Mar 4 10:55:00 GMT 2010

On Mar  4 11:23, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Mar  3 02:45, Dave Korn wrote:
> >   If it helps this discussion any, I'd be happy with any patch that teaches
> > strip how to handle the .exe suffix on cygwin; there's no reason it shouldn't
> > have this target-specific knowledge.
> That would make sense, I guess.  The whole idea is to check the
> original file for the .exe suffix and to add it to the result again:
> [...]
> If that mechanism works in strip, and a similar mechanism is added
> to install, I have no problems to remove what Eric calls the second
> category of exe magic.
> The question left is, shall I remove that exe magic part already
> in 1.7.2?
> If we could have patched versions of strip and install ASAP, I have
> no problem with that, either.

There's still the exe magic left which kicks in if the resulting
file exists:

  $ ls -1
  $ mv file1 file2.dll
  $ ls -1


  $ ls -1
  $ mv file1 file2
  $ ls -1

and even:

  $ ls -1
  $ mv file1 file2.xxx
  $ ls -1

It works like this:

  - If the original file is recognized as a binary,
  - and if the destination file exists,
  - and if the destination pathname does not have one of the known
    executable suffixes (.com, .dll, .exe, .scr, .sys),
  - then append ".exe".

Is the logic here ok?


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