More about charsets

Andy Koppe
Sat Mar 27 18:52:00 GMT 2010

On 27 March 2010 17:53, Corinna Vinschen:
> I also intend to make GB2312 the default name, rather than GBK since
> that's the default for these languages in Linux.

You mean have nl_langinfo(CODESET) return GB2312 when something like
"zh_CN.GBK" is selected? Not sure about that, because it might cause
applications that use iconv or that do their own thing to be
restricted to GB2312 when the user asked for GBK. Would it be possible
to have that return value depend on what the user asked for, so you'd
get GB2312 for "zh_CN" or "zh_CN.GB2312", but "GBK" for "zh_CN.GBK".

> Btw., apart from EUC-TW, what's missing as well is BIG5-HKSCS.  I read
> and the Windows specific section,
> but I'm still puzzled how this is supposed to work.  Does Vista's
> codepage 950 contain the HKSCS elements or not?!?

Nope, it doesn't. For XP there's an installable package that turns
codepage 950 into BIG5-HKSCS. As far as I understand it, in Vista MS
gave up on the idea of extending BIG5, and instead interpreted the
HKSCS spec as a requirement for fonts and programs to support the
Unicode codepoints needed for Cantonese. Here's Michael Kaplan
sounding off on codepage "951":


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