representing charsets

Andy Koppe
Wed Mar 31 21:14:00 GMT 2010

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> Actually the codesets for all LC_FOO categories is supposed to be stored
> in the LC_FOO datastructure soon.  So the call to __get_charset_name
> should be performed in the __FOO_load_locale functions.
> Before you start I'd like to apply my patch from
> first.

Makes sense. Wow, that's quite a patch.

>  This
> already contains a change to nl_langinfo, which just fetches the
> charset from the locale info.  At least at this point your and my
> patch would clash.  With my patch, you only have to change the
> __FOO_load_locale functions, but not nl_langinfo anymore.

I'd be tempted to replace the 'char *codeset' fields in the various
locale info structs with integer IDs as well, but the entanglement
with the _*_locale_buf buffers makes that rather complicated. Also,
I'm generally quite concerned about the amount of additional
complexity and indirection being introduced there, but I better take
those concerns to the newlib list.


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