Documentation on building a cross-compiler for the cygwin target

Tue Oct 26 11:43:00 GMT 2010

I want to make another pass through the Cygwin/X documentation to revise it. 
  Currently in the Contributor's Guide, there is an ancient section on 
cross-compiling the X server (which in itself needs attention), which includes 
instructions on building a cross-compiler.

I want to remove those instructions, as there isn't anything particularly 
specific to X about them, but since it is the first google result when 
searching for "cygwin crosscompiler", I feel I should try to preserve the 
small amount of useful information it contains somewhere.

Some time ago, I made an attempt at updating that section, and converting it 
into an addition to the Programming section of the Cygwin User's Guide.

I don't feel overly qualified to write this, but I've tried not to focus quite 
so much on how to download files from the internet and change directory, and 
more on what should be done and why.

I've just given it another review, so, for discussion, a patch is attached, 
and for those that are more comfortable reading text in a browser rather as 
than raw SGML, I've uploaded the HTML produced at [2]

Now, I'm not sure this is the right approach.  At the very least, I think this 
needs another pass to change to using a sysroot, following the example given 
in Charles Wilson's most helpful mail [3], but I'm not sure if the whole thing 
isn't superfluous, given that email.  Certainly, removing all the example 
shell commands and referring to a script seems like a good idea, not least 
because it makes it much easier to check that the instructions actually work. :-)


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