Cygwin socket internals and WinAPI interface

Lukas Haase
Sat May 10 02:51:00 GMT 2014


>From my application I would like to create ("export") a socket in native Windows API which can then be used by cygwin programs.

I.e., if I would write the "server" in cygwin, I would use socket(PF_LOCAL), select, read, write etc. However, I cannot use cygwin because the application is developed in VC and C++ so I want to emulate this functionality using only WinAPI functions.

Socket files are just plain files containing stuff like:

!<socket >54359 s 7B499653-622A1EB9-83E6B83E-A4E8D0C1

The first number is a port number as I understand, the 's' stands for socket I guess but what is the GUID number for?
What steps do I need to perform except creating a windows socket on localhost at this port and writing the socket file?


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