Potential Enhancement Of 'noacl'?

Bryan Berns bryan.berns@gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 18:11:00 GMT 2015

Wasn't sure which mailing list I should throw this on so I apologize
if this is the wrong one -- just let me know for future purposes.

At least for my internal use, I plan to create a patch that will allow
me to conditionally force a permission set for a particular mount
point -- like an enhanced "noacl".  I was thinking about adding an
option after noacl[=XXX] where XXX would force XXX as the returned
permissions for any file on that mount point.

Why would someone want to do this crazy thing?  In short, I continue
to struggle with the current Cygwin permissions handling for certain
drives where programs do sanity checks on group readability (e.g.,
ssh).  Our drives have ACEs for various admin groups.  Regardless of
various philosophical viewpoints on file system administration, that's
how it is for us and it's not going to change.  I believe a select
group of others might be in this same boat.

The only other alternative that would work for us to would be read a
custom list of SIDS to ignore in group permission calculations but I
already know Corinna is not a fan of that.

Would this (the noacl thing) be something that we'd be potentially
willing to incorporate into the codebase?  If I know ahead of time,
I'll make sure I address some other artifacts (user guide
documentation, etc).



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