Cygwin multithreading performance

Corinna Vinschen
Wed Dec 9 09:20:00 GMT 2015

On Dec  8 22:10, Mark Geisert wrote:
> I'll give the snapshot a try, thanks, but it's hard for me to see :) how
> eliminating a few hundred locks and unlocks that are 75% under 1 usec anyway
> will help much.  I may have unduly influenced anybody following this by only
> showing detailed stats for the last two locks that I picked at random.
> What I'm more focused on are the locks being heavily used by git and heavily
> contended by the four git threads in OP's testcase.  Here are the caller
> stats for this set of locks...
> lock latency buckets:                            <=1   <=10  <=100 <=1000  >1000
> mtx  4908/06002A00F0 lks 155066, ulks 155066,  66359   4395  78895   4742    675
>   caller 0x0100454FAD, count 154792, L, /usr/src/git/builtin/pack-objects.c:1758
>   caller 0x0100454FFC, count 154777, U, /usr/src/git/builtin/pack-objects.c:1769
>   [...]
> mtx  4908/0600FA6860 lks 154745, ulks 154745,  56092   3217  64883  25435   5118
>   caller 0x0100455659, count   1011, L, /usr/src/git/builtin/pack-objects.c:1640
>   caller 0x0100455687, count   1011, U, /usr/src/git/builtin/pack-objects.c:1642
>   caller 0x01004556E0, count 153734, L, /usr/src/git/builtin/pack-objects.c:1628
>   caller 0x010045570E, count 153734, U, /usr/src/git/builtin/pack-objects.c:1630
> mtx  4908/0603498600 lks 316825, ulks 316825, 146254   4986 155345   9686    554
>   caller 0x0100455269, count 196769, L, /usr/src/git/builtin/pack-objects.c:1695
>   caller 0x01004552C4, count  15148, U, /usr/src/git/builtin/pack-objects.c:1705
>   caller 0x0100455478, count 181621, U, /usr/src/git/builtin/pack-objects.c:1702
>   caller 0x010045554C, count 120056, L, /usr/src/git/builtin/pack-objects.c:1834
>   caller 0x010045556E, count 120056, U, /usr/src/git/builtin/pack-objects.c:1837
> If you look at the ">1000" column, you see that these 3 locks account for
> 675+5118+554 = 6347ms = 6.347sec spent waiting for these locks, best case
> for just this 1000+ usec latency bucket.  The next column to the left (a
> faster bucket for latencies 101us up to 1000us) has 4742+25435+9686 = 39863,
> times 101us best case for this bucket, giving 4.026sec spent waiting for
> these locks.
> I probably need to modify my stats gathering program to display the total
> time spent waiting to make it more clear how things add up for each mutex
> across the whole testcase.  Again, these stats are not timing how long locks
> are being held, but rather how long it takes just to acquire the lock.

But acquiring a lock includes the time it actually has to wait for
another thread holding the lock so you're measuring *also* the time
locks are hold, just by another thread.  locking and unlocking a
pthread_mutex in Cygwin might be slower than using a critical section,
but it's not *that* slow.

The underlying point is, mutexes are not used as an end in itself.  They
guard a shared resource.  What we ultimately need to know here is

1. What resource is it the pthread_mutexes are guarding?

2. Why does accessing the resource take so long that threads have to wait
   so long?


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