stdin, stdout, stderr when GUI app is launched from command line

Kacvinsky, Tom
Thu May 4 15:10:03 GMT 2023

I have a Windows GUI app that I have set to run with Windows Application Verifier.
In particular, I have App verifier set to trigger on invalid handle exceptions (code is
0xC0000008).  When the application is run from the Cygwin console, it faults with
an invalid handle three times.  I can continue past them in windbg (or gdb for that
matter) and the application launches.  I think it is curious the invalid handle exception
occurs three times - is it stdin, stdout and stderr that App Verifier thinks are invalid
handles?  My hunch is yes, they are.

I did notice that if I run the GUI use run.exe, as in "run guiapp.exe", the application
launches with no invalid handle exceptions.

I am using this version of Cygwin 64

vapkay@US05117NB ~ $ cygcheck -V
cygcheck (cygwin) 3.1.7

But it also happens with 3.4.6

Is this to be expected with a GUI app when run under a Cygwin console?  I've never
seen it until I ran with App Verifier.  The GUI application is a Qt app.  I check the Qt
version we're using for use of and I don't see anything in the WinMain what would
have to do with reading/writing to the standard IO file descriptors.

Any ideas?



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