[patch] setup.exe changes for Redownload/Reinstall Current version or Sources only - Part 2

DJ Delorie dj@delorie.com
Thu May 10 19:42:00 GMT 2001

> I think that this is way beyond the bounds of what setup should be
> expected to do and comes back to a little common sense on the part
> of the user.

Setup is a cygwin setup program, not a bash setup program.  If you ask
it to install cygwin in a different place, and don't select anything
but bash, you get a default cygwin installation with just bash.  That
includes the mount table configuration.

Perhaps one day setup will know that some packages, like cygwin
itself, are mandatory, so if you pick a different directory you *will*
get a working cygwin installation, without confusing the user too much

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