storing symlink in extended attribute (on ntfs)

egor duda
Mon May 14 07:07:00 GMT 2001


Saturday, 12 May, 2001 egor duda wrote:

CF>> As a specific comment, I wonder if it would just make sense to store volume
CF>> information in the path_conv class to avoid going through the duplicate efforts
CF>> in symlink.

ed> i guess so. currently, GetVolumeInformation is called only when
ed> symlink is created, not resolved, but this will slow things down on
ed> file systems other than NTFS. to remove this penalty,
ed> GetVolumeInformation() should be called in symlink resolution code to, 
ed> and that's where volume information caching can save some cycles.

done. i think, however, that this patch should wait until 1.3.3

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2001-05-14  Egor Duda  <>

	* security.h (NTWriteEA): Change prototype.
	* (NTReadEA): Don't check for global ntea setting, now
	it's caller responsibility.
	(NTWriteEA): Ditto.
	* (get_file_attribute): Read attribute from EA only
	if 'ntea' is enabled.
	(set_file_attribute): Ditto.
	* path.h: (class path_conv): Add members to store file system
	* (path_conv::update_fs_info): New functions.
	(path_conv::check): Get file system information from device where
	file resides.
	(get_symlink_ea): New function.
	(set_symlink_ea): Ditto.
	(symlink): Store symlink in extended attribute, if possible.
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