pthread_cond_timedwait, etc

Robert Collins
Mon Jun 4 03:42:00 GMT 2001

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> this may be an artifact of a particularly horrendous patch I had to
> generate at one point. That does look buggy to me. Patch coming

Patch attached at the end of the email. Thanks for catching that.
pthread_cond_wait was also bust.

> We could ignore it and return.. I'll try and get time to
> check the spec and see if that's the expected behaviour. If it is,
> consider that error a useful diagnostic for your code :].

pthread_cond_broadcast is meant to never have an error, except when the
condvariable is invalid. The attached patch fixs that little bit of
bitrot as well. It snuck in from my test _verbose_ test code, and should
have been trimmed back a little :]. You probably have code calling
pthread_cond_broadcast to ensure that no threads are waiting when you
exit the program.

Mon Jun  4 20:39:00 2001  Robert Collins <>

 * (pthread_cond::Broadcast): Don't print error messages
 on invalid mutexs - user programs are allowed to call
 pthread_cond_broadcast like that.
 __pthread_cond_timedwait: Initialise themutex properly.
 __pthread_cond_wait: Initialise themutex properly.

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