Categories and basic dependency handling for setup

Robert Collins
Tue Jun 12 23:38:00 GMT 2001

This supercedes my prior patch. (laziness here - diff against cvs is
much nicer than forking my sandbox between patches.)

2001-06-13 16:27:00 Robert Collins <

	* Add "Category" header.
	(paint): Render the category.
	(best_trust): Don't trust non required packages. No category is
considered required. Ignore categories when the ignore_required
parameter is set.
	(create_listview): Calculate "Category" column.
	(do_choose): Log package category.
	(add_required): Ensure that all packages that are required for
package p will be installed.
	(list_click): Use add_required().
	(dialog_cmd): Check add_required() for all packages.
	* ini.h (Package): Add category field.
	(Dependency): New type for storing dependency data.
	(new_requirement): Prototype for function to add a requirement
	* inilex.l: Add "category" and "requires" keywords.
	* iniparse.y: Grab category.
	(new_requirement): Add a required package into the required
dependency list for the current package.

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