[PATCH]choose.cc: Simplify set_action(), wrap long lines, and correct problems in setup.log.full

Michael A. Chase mchase@ix.netcom.com
Sat Jun 23 14:34:00 GMT 2001

Some time between setup.exe 2.57 and 2.75, the ability to set the checkbox
for downloading or installing source was lost.  It was caused by clearing
pkg->srcpicked in set_action().  Set_action() was apparently intended to
manage setting pkg->action when the action column was clicked, but it is now
also used to make sure pkg->action is valid in other places.  I removed
"pkg->srcpicked = 0;" from set_action() and added it to default_trust() so
it would only be cleared when setting the default trust level.

   This change throws off 4 hunks in the hierarchy.patch you sent to the
list yesterday, but I was able to complete the patch by hand.
Mac :})
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Sat Jun 23 13:57:20  2001 Michael A Chase <mchase@ix.netcom.com>

   * choose.cc (set_action): Simplify the state machine logic.
                             Skip ACTION_SKIP when the package is already
                             Don't clear pkg->srcpicked here.
               (default_trust): Clear pkg->srcpicked when setting default
trust level.
               (paint): Wrap lines excessively long lines.
               (list_click): Ditto.
               (create_listview): Ditto.
               (do_choose): Ditto.
                            Replace TABs and remove CRs in lines written to
                            Allow "Yes" for source exists in setup.log.full
                               installing from local directories.

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