Egor's daemon

egor duda
Wed Sep 12 09:21:00 GMT 2001


Wednesday, 12 September, 2001 Christopher Faylor wrote:

>>> I don't recall the original layout but if it created a new directory then
>>> that is correct.  This shouldn't be in the cygwin directory.  I made a concerted
>>> effort to make it one directory per "thing" a while ago.  cygserver is another
>>> "thing".
>>The original layout put it in utils, which didn't really fit either.
>>Ok, I'll move it out. Do you wnat the shared functions (like
>>set_os_type) duplicated;put into a convenience library; or link straight
>>to the .o in the cygwin directory?

CF> I'm not sure since set_os_type is undergoing a radical rewrite in 1.3.4.

CF> It sounds like cygserver needs its own directory.

CF> If it is using non-exported functions from cygwin then we have to design
CF> how the two entities communicate with each other.

daemon itself doesn't use non-exported functions. Actually, it doesn't
use cygwin1.dll at all -- it should be built with -mno-cygwin

the client part -- which is linked into dll does use functions like
api_fatal, but i think it belongs to winsup/cygwin/ directory.

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