daemon - functional on 95 and nt

Robert Collins robert.collins@itdomain.com.au
Thu Sep 13 09:34:00 GMT 2001

I'm not submitting this for committing...

Just for you folk to have a play.

The list of things I want to do before I'll consider it finished

* trimming away some of the code I've left half-butchered.
* make the request structs and marshaling more OOP based
* reinstate the threading in the daemon.
* persistent connections between daemon and client, with the main loop
performing select() (for sockets) and WaitforMultipleObjects for pipes,
and then assigning the ready conns to a pool of threads. This will
reduce connection/disconnection overhead and thus improve performance.
* on the client side, run one connection per thread, (needed for thread
safe performance).

You're welcome to criticise and so forth, just bear in mind the above
list (and of course, say if you think that something up there is

This still just does Egor's original tty handle changing, and as I don't
run CYGWIN=tty, I've never seen it happen :}.

Once I've done the above, I'll dig up my ipc implementation, and see how
it does at cross-process shm persistence :]

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