Patch for ssp on win2k

Ralf Habacker
Tue Sep 18 05:20:00 GMT 2001

> On Mon, Sep 17, 2001 at 09:45:42AM +0200, Ralf Habacker wrote:
> >on win2k ssp crashes sometimes while handling LOAD_DLL_DEBUG_EVENT
> caused by an
> >unhandled rv return value of ReadProcessMemory(). The patch fixes this.
> I didn't spend too much time investigating the code but it looks like this
> is a workaround rather than a fix.
Probably you're right. But because the current implementation contains already
with "(unknown)" status, I have added an additional condition to produce this.
If you look that ssp is crashing without it, it is a fix.

If 'rv' is wrong then does that mean
> that ReadProcessMemory failed?  If so, that is the correct test for this.

I don't know if this a condition indicate a failure. rc contains an adress which
direct into the ntdll.dll.
Perhaps it means something other as used currently, but examinig the content
under that adress produces
no additional infos for me.

> cgf

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