winsup/cinstall/ link to rxvt instead of cygwin.bat

Schaible, Jorg
Mon Sep 24 06:28:00 GMT 2001


>I don't like your choice of values for the rxvt switches.  It doesn't
>matter what you change them to I'll never like your choice of 
>Given that you should modify your patch to create a 
>cygwin-rxvt.bat file
>and use that if rxvt is available.  Then I can modify your choice of
>switches like I'm used to changing other values.  

Personally I would prefer an option to the cygwin.bat like -rxvt. Otherwise
I had to duplicate my settings in both files. Additionally I would not
replace the link in the start menu, but add another one.

>Shortcutting directly
>to the executable doesn't allow me to add environment variables such as
>CYGWIN before starting the process.  Shortcutting to a bat file is a
>common Cygwin occurrence that if it doesn't happen will generate
>hundreds to thousands of list mail.

What I do not like with the current batch file approach is, that it does
only support global settings, not personal ones (nor does it respect my
favorite choice of the shell from /etc/passwd). This is not an issue, if I
am the only  person using the machine.


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