egor duda
Tue Sep 25 04:56:00 GMT 2001


Tuesday, 25 September, 2001 Robert Collins wrote:

>> RC> I really don't see any benefit from using NULL in this instance, and I
>> RC> do see benefits from not using NULL.
>> the benefit from using NULL is portability. I understand that cygwin
>> is not supposed to that portable as, say, Apache, but nevertheless.
RC> Ok, I'll accept that. So we use void *(-2), void * (-3) and so on -
RC> address's so high up they can never be valid for pthread objects because
RC> pthread objects are larger than the remaining address space.

ok, you're probably right. i'll change my patch and resubmit it.


>> I'll check this stuff into cygwin testsuite tonight. it
>> needs just minor cleanup currently.

RC> You might want to check with cgf first about copyright issues? I don't
RC> know - is the testsuite GPL compatible.

it's LGPLed.

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