cygwin_daemon status report.

Robert Collins
Sat Sep 29 03:54:00 GMT 2001

I've moved the sockets code out of the transport base class, so now the
changes to cygwin are even less intrusive.

I've one key change to make, and then I can't think of any core stuff
for the daemon (not the shm code) that needs to happen other than the
directory reorganisation discussion (+ actions).

So please, this is up for review, as I'm requesting inclusion in HEAD
immediately that 1.3.4 goes out the door I'd like to have the directory
reorganisation discussion now, so I can make time to do that.

The key change I referred to above is a new cygwin environment option -
"DAEMON". This will need to be present for any daemon checks to occur.


On 95, there is a noticeable timeout when process's start if the daemon
hasn't bound the socket. I imagine there is an equivalent, but much
shorter delay under NT to find /not find the pipe. So this will reduce
the potential impact of the daemon.

We could of course do it in reverse, have the option "NODAEMON".


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