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Robert Collins robert.collins@itdomain.com.au
Sat Nov 3 06:57:00 GMT 2001

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From: "Jan Nieuwenhuizen" <janneke@gnu.org>
> > Strange. C strings without \n should be a single line when output,
> > regardless of the in-source
> > formatting. I'll have look at this. (Not that I don't want to fix
> > bug, but I want to know the root cause.
> That's really simple, see patch.  Somenone added comma's between the
> PS1 definition lines (that maybe indent broke up).

I suspect that that is actually by design.Look at revision 1.2 of
desktop.cc and it has the same ,'s causing separate lines. I don't
really have an opinion on whats right here, but FWIW my prompt always
appears on one line - are you running textmode or tcsh or seomthing

> > script.cc and script.h. Put the functions there, they can get
> > later.
> Ok, done.  Next iteration below.  script.cc still has some cygpath
> calls, but I didn't know how this should be done wrt the windows exec
> call.

Thats ok. We can create a process abstraction later. I'm not too worried
about refactoring incrementally. This part looks ready.

> [From previous msg:]
> > Also postinstall.h won't compile if it's the only include used in a
> > translation unit. (ie include the _absolutely_ required headers to
> > postinstall.h
> Hmm, altough it's now called script.h, I don't see the problem; it
> compiles fine here when it's the only header.

Well blow me down. Thats cool.

> Greetings,
> Jan.
> 2001-12-09  Jan Nieuwenhuizen  <janneke@gnu.org>
> * install.cc: Typo fix.

Please put all changes related to a single file in one place.
 * install.cc:  Typo fix.
   (do_install): Run script...

> * Makefile.in (CFLAGS): Remove -Werror to allow build of w32api
> headers

This will not be accepted. if w32api is broken, revert it to an older
date (cd ../w32api && cvs update -D"foo" is great) or, if you have the
time, fix w32api and submit a patch.

> (realclean): more clean.

*.d is cleaned by the clean target. Why are you adding it here as well?

> * desktop.cc (etc_profile): Remove commas between lines (and thus
> line breaks) from PS1.

See above, I'm not for or against this - I just want to understand _why_
it is breaking for you, and not globally.

> * script.cc (run_script): Replace deprecated remove and move
> calls.
> * postinstall.cc (run_script_in_etc_postinstall): New function.
> (do_postinstall): Split off new funtion init_run_script ().
> (init_run_script):
> (run):
> (run_script): Move to script.cc.
> * script.h:
> * script.cc: New file.
> * Forward port cygwin-20010707.jcn3.patch.
> * package_meta.cc (uninstall): Run pre- and postremove scripts.
> * install.cc (do_install): Run script initialisation.

All Cool.


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