[PATCH] Update - Setup.exe property sheet patch, properly diffed.

Robert Collins robert.collins@itdomain.com.au
Wed Nov 7 21:11:00 GMT 2001

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Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2001 11:20 PM
Subject: RE: [PATCH] Update - Setup.exe property sheet patch, properly
> > :lets assume that chooser will subsume choose, can you please make
> > changes direct to choose. (I don't really want a short lived
> > file - it seems pointless). (remember - CVS is smart). If you think
> > there really will be two classes for this (other than the working
> > classes) then leave it as is.
> >
> Like I said, I don't know what the answer to this one is.  I do know
that simply
> putting choose in the property sheet will make all the other pages
> huge (they all end up being the size of the biggest one), and is not
an option
> because of that.  If the sheet can be resized programmatically on
Win95 on, I
> can put it in and adjust it that way (which I think would be the best
> but if not we'll need the two sheets, one basically as a "filler" (as
I have it
> now).  But even if the first way is possible, we're talking
considerably more
> time and work.  What I've got now works at least as good as it did
before WRT
> the chooser, so I see no reason for this to hold up the rest of the
> And you've already taken me to task on the size and scope of this
patch ;-).

Ok. Well correct me if I'm wrong but the current chooser.h does the
it's a property page of the main window
it call do_chooser.

That's it (high level). All I'm suggesting is that until we know that we
will need a separate chooser (ie we won't just move choose.cc's contents
to chooser.cc) lets just do those two things in choose.cc.

That way if we do need a separate file later, it's not a problem.

I'm not religious on this, which is why I passed the decision to you -
but it sounds like the jury is still out for you as well.


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