[Patch] setup.exe - change to not ask root on download only.

Brian Keener bkeener@thesoftwaresource.com
Wed Nov 14 11:41:00 GMT 2001

Robert Collins wrote:
> can you generate patches with "-up" ? (See the cygwin contributors
> page).
> It makes it a lot easier to visually grok a patch.

I can do that.  Actually I knew I had done it two ways in the past and couldn't 
remember the other.  Nor was I sure which was the preferred - now I know.

> I'll update this for you to the io_streams code for HEAD committing.

Did it make it in the version you just rolled to the web page.

> Lastly, you were missing a call to get_root_dir_now which resulted in
> /etc/setup/last-cache never getting read.

Hum,  I'll have to look at the change you made - I thought mine was reading 
either file depending on where it found it. Ah well.  Thanks for correcting it 

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