shutdown sockets on exit patch

Sergey Okhapkin
Tue Nov 27 10:49:00 GMT 2001

> I tried it.  Rexecd, rshd, sshd (and scp) seem to work fine but the
> following new errors occur now:
> - Calling `dir' in an ftp connection to the Windows box works but
>   after finishing the connection is closed and the message
>   "421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection."
>   is printed.
> - Connecting from the Windows box to a host using ssh with X11
>   forwarding activated fails with error
>   "Write failed: errno ESHUTDOWN triggered"
> This is probably due to the child processes calling shutdown on the
> socket on exit.

You're right, child process shuts down parent's socket... I'll try to find
some other solution.

Sergey Okhapkin
Piscataway, NJ

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