[PATCH] setup.exe: Stop NetIO_HTTP from treating entire stream as a header

Warren Young warren@etr-usa.com
Wed Nov 28 15:31:00 GMT 2001

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> References?  A simple google search for 'NULL C++ deprecated' didn't
> unearth this information.

This controversy officially started with the ARM, IIRC.  In it, I recall
that the authors made some comments saying that NULL should die.  I
don't keep the ARM here at work any more, though, so I have no reference
to back that recollection up.

In section 5.1.1 of the more current Stroustrup 3/e he says, "Because of
C++'s tighter type checking, the use of plain 0, rather than any
suggested NULL macro, leads to fewer problems."

I don't know what problems Stroustrup is referring to.  In section 18.1
of the current C++ Standard, footnote 180 says: "Possible definitions
[of NULL] include 0 and 0L, but not (void*)0."  This implies that NULL
is most likely to expand to a literal 0, and not the distasteful casted
pointer you see in C compilers' standard libraries.  Of course there are
old systems with NULL still defined to (void*)0, but Cygwin's g++/newlib
system isn't one of these.

Okay, "NULL" is fine to use, then.  As for "0", the C++ standard
guarantees that if you use 0 in a pointer context, it will be converted
to whatever that platform uses for the "null pointer", even if it
happens not to have a bit pattern of all zeroes.  (Section 4.10) 
Therefore, it's safe to use 0 to mean "the null pointer".

Personally, I prefer 0 to NULL, though I leaned the other way before C++
evolved to where it is today, since the C standard did not guarantee
that 0 would convert to the null pointer.  In practice, with a
conforming C++ implementation, it probably doesn't matter either way --
it's now just a style issue.
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