[PATCH] Setup.exe in a property sheet

Robert Collins robert.collins@itdomain.com.au
Wed Dec 19 01:15:00 GMT 2001

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Subject: RE: [PATCH] Setup.exe in a property sheet

> > Ok, first glance:
> >
> > You've diffed across versions - please update both the clean dir and
> > your working dir for the next patch. Thats a major reason the patch
> > so big.
> >
> > * please use win32 thread API calls, not _beginthread et al.
> I don't think we can do that, at least not everywhere.  The threads
call many
> CRT functions, and MS warns you not to use CreateThread if you're
using the CRT
> in your thread.  Note that the threads are now "backwards" from what
they used
> to be - the UI (which IIRC isn't using much if any CRT) now runs
entirely in the
> main thread, and a few of the do_xxx()'s are split off of that main
thread soas
> to not block the UI updating/responsiveness.

A thread that uses functions from the C run-time libraries should use
the _beginthread and _endthread C run-time functions for thread
management rather than CreateThread and ExitThread. Failure to do so
results in small memory leaks when ExitThread is called.

Is the reference I remember. Up to you at the end of the day. I think
it's a shame mingw still suffers from this.


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