[PATCH] Setup.exe "other URL" functionality

Earnie Boyd earnie_boyd@yahoo.com
Fri Dec 28 06:39:00 GMT 2001

"Gary R. Van Sickle" wrote:
> > Thanks. BTW: If you can identify what made that huge patch (my money is
> > on indent 2.2.7 inserting ^M's)'s that would be handy.
> >
> > Rob
> It's highly bizarre, but AFAICT it's not indent but rather something wrong with
> "cvs diff".  Here's my investigation so far, I'm on all text mounts:

That would be the problem.  You need to switch to binary mounts or
modify the CVS code to do the right thing.

> So I guess I'm out of WAGes now, unless cvs is tracking the file-moving and
> claiming that a file with, say, the same contents but a different creation date
> or something is completely different, regardless of contents.  But I don't think
> that would explain the initial problem because I never moved any files.

There's nothing to WAG, \n to \r\n conversion is happening because of
your text mounts and now CVS or rather `cvs diff' sees the differences.


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