[PATCH] Update 2 - Setup.exe property sheet patch

"Schaible, Jörg" Joerg.Schaible@gft.com
Mon Jan 7 04:15:00 GMT 2002

Hi Robert,

>> "Once virtual, always virtual", i.e., it isn't necessary to add
>"virtual" to
>> any overridden virtual functions, and in fact it's not possible to
>> "unvirtualize" once virtualized.  I do try to maintain them as a
>> convention, but even I fall short sometimes ;-).  Thanks for patching
>My understanding is that this is not 100% the case. Or more
>pedantically - in a class derived from a a class with virtual 
>those virtual functions wil get overriden, but if not declared virtual
>themselves, any further derivations will not. I believe that the
>technique of doing this to allow inlining of code calling references to
>an object is called 'final classes'.

Sorry, Gary is right. See 10.3.2 of the standard.


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