Christopher Faylor
Wed Jan 16 14:40:00 GMT 2002

On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 09:24:15AM +1100, Robert Collins wrote:
>Herewith, one patch for each list.
>Changelogs for quick glancing:
>2002-01-17  Robert Collins  <>
>        * libc/include/time.h: Add prototype for strptime for Cygwin.
>2002-01-17  Robert Collins  <>
>        * Run indent.
>        Add strptime function.

I'm not wild about some of the changes that indent made to
A lot of the changes are nice but some of the formatting doesn't
seem right to me.

Can I ask where this strptime came from?  Is this a new work?  If
so maybe we want to just incorporate a strptime from FreeBSD.  An
in-use strptime would have a known track record and should have
most bugs shaken out of it.


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