roken strptime addition to cygwin

Mark Bradshaw
Fri Jan 18 05:18:00 GMT 2002

BTW, the last was CC'd to the newlib-patches group without being subscribed,
and I got a bounce.  I didn't see a signup for it on the newlib site, so I
just hoped that it would allow emails in without a subscription.  Guess not.
Could someone with appropriate uber powers please check that one in.

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> Subject: roken strptime addition to cygwin
> Thanks to Robert and Chuck for behind the scenes help.
> Here's the strptime addition to cygwin that's been discussed. 
>  The source
> comes from:

It's copyright isn't as restrictive as the BSD's, so it won't be a problem
for inclusion.  This also includes a header change for newlib.


2002-01-18  Mark Bradshaw  <>

        * libc/include/time.h: Add prototype for strptime for Cygwin.

2002-01-18  Mark Bradshaw  <>

        * Add strptime function, and supporting functions.
	  * cygwin.din: strptime

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