recent patch to w32api/include/commctrl.h

Robert Collins
Tue Jan 22 16:38:00 GMT 2002

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Subject: recent patch to w32api/include/commctrl.h

> Robert,
> Your recent patch:
> Log message:
> 2001-12-17  Robret Collins  <>
> * include/commctrl.h: New typedefs for HDLAYOUT and LPHDLAYOUT based
> on MSDN documentation for XP.
> added a new struct _HDITEM, which has a UNICODED field (LPTSTR
pszText) in
> it. However, some code expects to have explicit HDITEMA and HDITEMW
> structures.  Since the the new structure is essantially a replacement
> (since IE 3.0) for old HD_ITEM[AW], wouldn't following make more sense
> (second part of attached patch).  I'm also suggesting same approach

Wuoting from MSDN:
"typedef struct _HDITEM {
    UINT    mask;
    int     cxy;
    LPTSTR  pszText;
    HBITMAP hbm;
    int     cchTextMax;
    int     fmt;
    LPARAM  lParam;
#if (_WIN32_IE >= 0x0300)
    int     iImage;
    int     iOrder;
#if (_WIN32_IE >= 0x0500)
    UINT    type;
    LPVOID  pvFilter;

I've no set opinion, as long as setup still builds :}.


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