For the curious: Setup.exe char-> String patch

Robert Collins
Fri Feb 1 13:58:00 GMT 2002

This is what I'm preparing to commit. I'm mailing it here as a preview,
because doing the changelog is going to take.... some time. (160Kb diff
to wade through).

The cstr_oneuse() is designed to allow efficient (via caching, not
implemented yet) leak-safe char * usage of a string. An equivalent
wcstr_oneuse() can be implemented to expose a wide char variant. (The
underlying encoding of the string class will eventually be UTF-8/UTF-16
or something similar).

I haven't implemented substrings yet, which is why the large number of
.cstr_oneuse() calls and a few non-converted routines.

Anyway, it's all working for me: ].

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