/proc and /proc/registry

Chris January chris@atomice.net
Tue Feb 19 17:08:00 GMT 2002

> >>>The attached patch (against cygwin-1.3.9-1/winsup/cygwin) adds support
> >>>for a /proc virtual filesystem and a read-only version of
> >>>/proc/registry.  I've read http://cygwin.com/assign.txt but need to
> >>>sort out the legalese before doing anything.  Partically fufills Cygwin
> >>>TODO item:
> >>>2001-11-08    /proc filesystem    Nicos
> >>I wish I could get people to look at sending in an assigment *before*
> >>they start doing work.  It would save a lot of time, I think.
> >Can you please verify if you have received the copyright assignment
> >form or not.
> I haven't heard anything.  I notify cygwin-patches and cygwin-developers
> when I hear that I've received an assignment from our main office.
> Just to verify, you had both you and your employer send a release form,
> right?
I work as a consultant and I am the sole claimant to the copyright. I filled
in a form a week or so back but I mailed it internationally so it's probably
held up. I'll re-send it if it doesn't arrive in a couple of weeks.


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